Thank you for visiting my website! Since winning the Golden Heart ® Award in 1997, I have written more than thirty books in the genres of historical romance, historical fiction, otherworld fantasy and inspirational romance. My work has been translated into more than a dozen languages with over three million copies sold worldwide.

I'm currently working on another novel and novella for the Most Peculiar Season multi-author series. Heiress in His Arms will continue the story of the Bachelors of Bruton Street, while Mischief Under the Mistletoe provides a prequel. To learn more about this series, click on the link below:

A Most Peculiar Season

  Current Releases

The Bonny Bride (Graphic Novel)

Jenny Lennox Didn't Believe In Love

Not the lasting kind, anyway. Life was too hard for romance to survive for long. Marriage for money was best, she was sure - or had been until she met Harris Chisholm, earnest and penniless yet willing to gamble on life, love - and her!

Harris Chisholm was a man of his word. He had promised to deliver Janny Lennox into the arms of her intended. But could he willingly surrender the woman who'd made him more than himself, the woman who'd become his heart's true friend and partner? "Never!" his soul whispered. "Never...!"

"Deborah Hale has penned another winner, as she's once again pinned down the meaning of true love. This one is for the keep shelf to be read again and again." ~ The Old Book Barn Gazette

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Scandal on His Doorstep

Title: Scandal on His Doorstep

Three Noblemen and a Baby!

Jack Warwick's carefree, rakish existence comes to an abrupt halt when an infant is abandoned in front of the Mayfair townhouse he shares with two friends. A note suggests that one of the three bachelors is the father…but which? And who will care for the child until they can locate her mother?

There is only one woman Jack would trust with such a delicate task. Once his dearest friend, Annabelle is now the penniless widow of his beloved cousin. Enlisting her help with the baby is the perfect excuse to provide the assistance she would otherwise be too proud to accept from him.

Annabelle agrees, with great reluctance. She cannot turn her back on an abandoned child. Both she and Jack know the pain of being unwanted. Yet she fears rekindling old feelings for him, which were once far more than friendly…until he broke her heart. Besides, Jack is determined to reform his ways, find and marry the child's mother, in spite of his growing passion for Annabelle!

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Snowbound with the Baronet

Title: Snowbound With the Baronet

A Second Chance to Say Yes?

The last person Lady Cassandra Whitney expected to encounter on a snowy road to Bath is the one man she’s never succeeded in banishing from her heart. Her reasons for refusing Sir Brandon Calvert ’s proposal four years ago are not what he believes. But how can she tell the rigorously truthful baronet that she deceived him? And how can she bring herself to reveal shameful family secrets?

Sir Brandon has spent the past four years trying to forget the woman who broke his heart. But when a fateful blizzard strands them together in a small farmhouse, warm affections are rekindled. Can the flame of true love burn bright enough to light the way for two lost hearts to find each another again, before the snow melts and they must go their separate ways?

Read an Excerpt from Snowbound with the Baronet

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~ Praise for my Books! ~

"This exceptional Regency-era romance includes all the best aspects of that genre, plus higher sexual tension and a highly innovative plot. Deborah Hale has outdone herself to the complete advantage of the reader!" ~ RT Book Review

"Invite yourself to this sweet, sensitive, moving and utterly wonderful tale of love from the heart."
Affaire de Coeur

" With crisp dialogue, realistic interactions between the characters, and a small but varied cast, this well-written, entertaining tale is sure to please." ~ AOL Romance Fiction Forum

"This delightful, well-paced historical will leave readers smiling and satisfied." ~ Library Journal

"In her first crossover foray into fantasy, romance writer Hale nicely blends the two genres in an upbeat, feel-good story. " ~ Publisher's Weekly

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