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From 2011 to 2015, I had the pleasure of writing six Christian romances for the Love Inspired Historical® line. Though many of my previous books had inspirational themes of grace and forgiveness, I enjoyed the opportunity to explore them more deeply with chaste romance stories in the tradition of my beloved Jane Austen. Once again, I worked with amazing editors and joined a community of kind, supportive and very talented authors. I also enjoyed the challenge of writing a longer series of connected book than I had tried before. Recently the publishing rights to most of those books reverted to me, allowing me the fun of reissuing them in a new way that I hope will reach more readers!

Rebecca, Grace, Hannah, Leah and Evangeline became lifelong friends while enduring the hardships of childhood at a harsh charity school. Now employed as governesses, they care for other people’s children, never expecting to know the blessings of loving marriages and families of their own. But when they encounter five special gentlemen who have suffered their own misfortunes, these humble governesses may become Cinderella brides!

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Snowbound with the Baronet
Title: Snowbound With the Baronet

A Second Chance to Say Yes?

The last person Lady Cassandra Whitney expects to encounter on a snowy road to Bath is the one man she’s never succeeded in banishing from her heart. Her reasons for refusing Sir Brandon Calvert ’s proposal four years ago are not what he believes. But how can she tell the rigorously truthful baronet that she deceived him? And how can she bring herself to reveal shameful family secrets? When a fateful blizzard strands them together in a small farmhouse, warm affections are rekindled. Can the flame of true love burn bright enough to light the way for two lost hearts to find each another again, before the snow melts and they must go their separate ways?

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The Captain's Christmas Family

Title: Scandal on His Doorstep

The Best Gifts are Always Unexpected...

Napoleon himself never gave Captain Gideon Radcliffe as much trouble as Miss Marian Murray. The fiercely protective governess won't rest until she gains permission for the daughters of his late cousin to stay on at Gideon's newly-inherited estate. He agrees to let Cissy and Dolly remain at Knightley Park for Christmas. But by springtime they - and Marian - must go. Marian is prepared to believe the captain a tyrant, but the truth is far more complicated. Gideon is a kind yet solitary man who sees the Navy as his only sanctuary. Can Marian's unwavering faith and the children's Christmas cheer convince him he's found a safe harbor at last?

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