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From 1999 to 2012, I published more than twenty books with the Harlequin Historical® line. I had the privilege of working with wonderful editors and making friends with some of my favorite authors. My historical romance novels have won a number of awards, including the Golden Heart®. They have been translated into many languages and sold millions of copies worldwide! In recent years, I have begun publishing independently, writing some new booka and reissuing some of my backlist titles.

The Border Lord's Bride

Title: The Gentleman of Substance

In a land at war, forbidden love may be the greatest danger of all!

When Welsh Crusader Con ap Ifan returns to his homeland on a mission for Empress Maud, he encounters the sweetheart of his youth. Enid versch Blethyn is now a widow, mistress of a small border estate. Con and Enid’s passion for one another is quickly rekindled. But will it be strong enough to withstand the old secrets, opposing goals and present danger that threaten to tear them apart?

"Excellent characterization and a nicely detailed Welsh setting give this medieval an intriguing flavor readers will find hard to resist.” ~ Booklist

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Big Sky Protector

Title: Scandal on His Doorstep

Two outsiders who might belong together....

When Jane Norris arrives in Elk Bend, battered and penniless, she rouses all John Whitehawk’s protective instincts…and other less welcome feelings. With his Cheyenne band depending on him, the ranch foreman can’t afford to take on any more responsibilities. Since Jane is desperately determined to stay in Montana, John will help her overcome her fear of men so she can find a husband. He doesn’t mean to make her fall in love with him and he can’t afford to fall in love with a woman like her. Will dark secrets from their pasts destroy their blossoming romance…or turn it into something stronger and deeper?

"This book is yet another success for historical author Deborah Hale. It aims for the heart and doesn't miss." ~ The Old Book Barn Gazette

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A Gentleman of Substance

Title: The Gentleman of Substance

The viscount and the vicar’s daughter?

Drake Viscount Silverthorne needs an heir to the estate and business empire he rebuilt from nothing. Lucy Rushton needs a father for her unborn child. A businesslike marriage of convenience seems like the perfect solution for both. Or is it? Lucy blames Drake for the death of his half-brother, whose memory she still idolizes. Yet Drake knows that charming Jeremy was not the paragon Lucy believes. With greedy relatives scheming to destroy their union, will the solitary viscount and his spirited bride realize they could be a perfect match… before it’s too late?

“A nearly flawless plot, well-dimensioned characters and a flame that will set your heart ablaze with every emotion possible!” ~ Affaire de Coeur

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Scandal in His Arms

Title: Scandal on His Doorstep

Secrets and a Second Chance...

Gabriel Stanford is certain the baby left on his friend’s doorstep is his daughter and that Moira Brennan must be her mother. Though the Irish heiress spurned his previous marriage proposal, he swallows his pride to ask her again for the sake of their child. When Gabriel confronts her, the intensity of Moira’s denial raises his suspicion. He contrives an invitation to her father’s country house, determined to discover what she is hiding.

Moira resents Gabriel’s intrusion into her life. The last man she would consider marrying is the charming nobleman who stole her heart only to break it. She is determined to wed a man who does not provoke the dangerously passionate feelings Gabriel once stirred in her. But as they spend time together and confront their troubled past, slumbering desires awaken and Gabriel will do anything to keep Moira from making a loveless marriage. Will buried secrets doom any hope for Moira and Gabriel to reconcile? Or has their painful time apart given them the courage and compassion to risk a second chance at love?

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When Jack Warwick and his rakish friends discover an infant abandoned in front of their Mayfair townhouse, their carefree bachelor existence is turned upside down! As the Bachelors of Bruton Street try to find out which one of them is Baby Sarah's father, a Christmas house party in Surrey seems to hold the key and scandal is only a tryst away!


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Rebecca, Grace, Hannah, Leah and Evangeline became lifelong friends while enduring the hardships of childhood at a harsh charity school. Now employed as governesses, they care for other people’s children, never expecting to know the blessings of loving marriages and families of their own. But when they encounter five special gentlemen who have suffered their own misfortunes, these humble governesses may become Cinderella brides!


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In A Stranger's Arms

Title: In A Stranger's Arms

Wed to the Enemy!

The War left Caddie Marsh a widow with only her children and Southern pride to sustain her. She would do anything to salvage their rundown plantation for the sake of her children, even wed one of the Yankees against whom she’s so bitter. The fact that Manning Forbes bears a disturbing resemblance to her late husband only makes matters worse. Manning has his own reasons for wanting to protect and provide for the Marsh family. Reasons he is desperate to keep from Caddie. If his beautiful, inquisitive bride discovers his true identity, Manning fears he will lose the family who has won his heavily-guarded heart!

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