The Wizard's Ward
ISBN 0-373-80205-6
April 2004

Years before, the peaceful world of Umbria was torn apart by ruthless invaders...
That is the only life Maura has known until her wizard guardian announces she is to be queen. But first she must find and waken the legendary "Waiting King" in order to overthrow the enemy occupation. For centuries men have searched in vain for the fabled warrior. What chance has one young witch and her outlaw ally — especially since they have only until midsummer's moon?

"Gentle magic, serious sorcery, violent action and lively adventure grace the pages of this engrossing romantic fantasy..."  ~ Library Journal

Title: Whitefeather's Woman
Copyright © 2004
by Harlequin Enterprises Limited
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Title: The Wedding Wager
Copyright © 2005
by Harlequin Enterprises Limited
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The Destined Queen
ISBN 0-373-80243-9
August 2005

Can the Queen who has once done the impossible ever be free?
After awakening the "Waiting King" Maura Woodbury thinks her duty to her country is completed. But Maura's task has only just begun. Rath, once a notorious outlaw has no magic, and thus no power to expel the cruel invaders from their kingdom. Yet the people expect a miracle and Maura is their only hope...

"A true treasured tale to enliven those romantics and adventure seekers alike"
~ Anne Barringer, Fresh Fiction

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